Sunday, September 13, 2009

Portfolio Time

I will confess, I haven't been able to get around to doing my blog in a long time, but today will change that.

Reasons being that this will change is that I am now changing this blog into a portfolio.

Not really a major hooray but a small one that growls, pants, sniffs, licks, rubs its butt all over the carpet and waits beside the door for you to come home.

From today on, this little blog I call home will change in a Big way. Big meaning very little in the schematics of the world.

But it will change.


Saturday, June 20, 2009


Currently I am engaged in a short film called Rushing Forward, which is exciting. It's especially exciting because it's written by myself and Andrew Bogan, my brother. For months we sat down after work or college and we would collaborate together on stories and ideas, and this one was far to good to pass. Essentially the story goes like this. Joe, a young man who recently graduated from college has an exciting opportunity to dive right in to his career, however a recent doctors visit has concluded that he has cancer. Devastated Joe fells deflated, he doesn't feel like going to work, or meeting with friends or even leave his house. But one morning Joe decides he can't take it anymore and packs his bags and goes on a cross country ride of his life. On his adventure he meets different people who teach him about life, love and everything in between.

It's really exciting especially seeing as we are filming in under two weeks time.

I'll be posting updates from here until we finish.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Slowing making my life work

I thought I had finally started making way in my life and then suddenly things got very strange lately. People started asking for me and then my boss acknowledged that I was working really hard lately... what is going on.

Any way I just wanted to update this blog so here's a random picture I made quickly for a friend.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A new banner testing...

After starting the New Year with a Bang I was surprised that after all the new changes in my life, the only thing really hasn't changed was the blog header banner.

Yes of all the things in my life I really need to change. It has to be header banner.

It has taken preference over everything, even my breathing...

Back to where we started. I really need to change, because being an artist, you hate everything you do.

So I'll be doing some designs to change my BLOG.


Monday, December 8, 2008

The Moon

At last my new short film's poster is up.



Baron Cat and the Moon.

Now that I've introduced Baron to you; let's get to know the character.

Baron Cornwall Cat is a Tabby Ginger with white patches.
He's age is 3 cat years, which is equivalent to a 20 year old.

His story is a little more lighter than from Rolf's; who's background was that, at a young age, was given away to a heartless and unforgiving farmer with cruel intentions. Baron's story is more like this.

Baron was born to a litter of kittens; who, were exceptionally close and looked out for one another. However, when Baron turned 1 years old, he wanted to live on his own and discover the world. And so he did just that, he moved into the city; on the back of a pick-up truck.

Upon arriving into the city he moved into a flats staying in the crevasses of the attic. There, he's adjusted his lifestyle to the beat of the locals and studied hard and learned a lot while sharing his thoughts with a local House Cat named, Charles.

Charles is another Tabby, but he's more grey and white with a goatee. He is older by another year.

Charles tells Baron never to go down to the streets alone unless he wants to be killed. Baron defies Charles, and upon his visit through the alleys is chased away by a gang.

Charles tells him that it's ok to have those who think they can control you but you know they never will.

Baron is introduced to other Apartment cats and so a social gathering occurs each week.

I'll stop right there because I think I'm getting carried away with the back ground.

So to keep you interested, I'll instead give you part 2 another day.


Let's get busy...

After nearly three months working solidly on Rolf, I've decided that I'm going to treat myself
to further my animation skills in another short film.

This short film, shell we say, might hopefully entice my creative juices to leak from the crevasses of my brain and on to the stage; hoping that this cartoon will involve my long time cartoon buddy, Baron Cornwall Cat, or just Baron.

So now I introduce to the world for the first time; Baron Cat and The Moon.

A pretty fitting title don't you think; short 'n' sweet and to the point. My number one rule, keep it short 'n' sweet and it'll taste great.

So look out world he comes Baron.


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